Advertising With FXHQ

Why Not Advertise With Us?

Within our network of FX sites, we have a very wide choice of different advertising models. Apart from display ads, we can offer sponsorships, lead generation, broker’s listings, and custom ideas, so just contact us with any requirements that you may have.

The audience on FXHQ is worldwide, consisting of traders from almost all countries, so you can be certain that your ads will reach the people with whom you wish to connect.

We design custom opportunities for brokers, by focusing on different sections of the various sites we control. You may opt for geo-targeting for instance, or a number of other alternative advertising models, guaranteeing you the best possible results. FXHQ is available in many different languages, which means that you are targeting the biggest possible market for your offers.

Ways To Advertise With FXHQ

We give you a number of ways in which to advertise with us.

Our List Of Brokers Service is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an important tool for traders around the world who are trying to find a reliable broker service, because it contains all of the information they need in order to compare and contact regulated dealers. As regards brokers themselves, it means that they can have a presence throughout our website. Check out our List Of Brokers Service here.

As for display ads, you have a whole range of choices. For example, you can have a special placement on key pages such as rates or charts, our economic calendar, or FX studies and commentary. You may choose ads on rotation in our homepage, sub-home pages, or internal pages. You could choose our Forex Social Network, or take advantage of our geo-targeting possibilities, or mobile advertising. The choice is yours. Costs are based on CPM – cost per thousand impressions.

Display ads can be 300 x 250 top right, which appears at the top of the sidebar across the whole site, or perhaps 728 x 90 leader board which appears on every page of the FHQ site – the choice is yours.

In addition, we can offer you email marketing opportunities, such as solo ads.

You might also consider sponsorships, such as offering webinars (which can be extremely lucrative), live coverages, or perhaps a “Trader of the Year” competition.

Our user profiles are as follows: 17% from the US, 8% from the UK, 5% each from India and Singapore, 3% each from Canada and Australia, 7% each from Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia, with 42% from other countries.

Why not advertise through our network? We deal with the advertising for four other very successful FX websites.