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FXHQ Forex Headquarters
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Please address all Mail to “FXHQ” or “Forex Headquarters”

We are Hiring:

FXHQ is expanding at a expedited rate and we are seeking professionals at all levels.

At this moment, we need a talented reporters with 10+ years of experience who can comment on the day-to-day economy and business in the US in order to enable our readers to make sound financial decisions.

Candidates should have an absolute minimum of ten years financial reporting experience. More is better. A generous salary is offered, commensurate with experience. In addition, we offer a flexible family-friendly work environment, and very generous benefits in return for your experience and dedication. We regard employment as a two-way street.

Please send your resume and samples of your work, together with a covering letter and an indication of the salary you require, to:

fxhq contact