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AUD/USD is a popular pair to trade, since it can be actively followed during both the New York and the Asian sessions. In order to find patterns for profitable opportunities, traders should take note of technical trends.

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The Australian dollar is a reserve currency, and is the fifth most traded currency in the world, behind the US dollar, the euro, the yen, and the British pound.

Generally known as the “Aussie”, the Australian dollar is popular with currency traders. This is because of the relatively high interest rates in the country, the overall stability of the economy and political system, and the lack of government interference in the foreign exchange market. In addition to that, many traders take the view that the Aussie gives opportunity for diversion in any portfolio containing the majors, because of its trading with other Asian economies.

Many economists consider that the major driver of the Australian dollar is commodity prices, and this means that fluctuations in the exchange rates of the Aussie take place in ways that are the opposite of other currencies. The balance of trade of the country relies primarily on exports of agricultural products, and minerals such as iron ore.

It follows that the relative value of the Aussie varies considerable during the business cycle. When the global economy booms, Australia will export considerable quantities of raw materials. However, when the global economy is sluggish, as at present, and mineral prices fall, the export market is directly affected. This movement is in direct contrast to other reserve currencies, which usually become stronger when the market declines and traders seek to invest less in stocks and move into cash.


This has for many years been accepted as having a special place in the currency markets. It is the traditional safe haven in times of trouble, and is the currency used more than any other for international transactions. When there are times of political or global financial troubles, the first place that most investors look is the US dollar. In fact, the US dollar is traded more than any other currency in the world.

The US is the world’s biggest economy – larger than the European Union or China - and has a GDP of $14 trillion. That is a lot of dollars.

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