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The EUR/USD is by far the most important pair for Forex currency traders, and there is a sound reason for this. The euro and the US dollar are the currencies of the two largest economies in the world and, as such, have liquidity and volatility. When you check this pair on a regular basis you can get a very clear view of overall market trends.

When the US economy is doing well, the dollar obviously strengthens and the exchange rate of the EUR/USD will adjust itself in accordance. If economic activity in the US slows down, then the reverse is true, and the dollar weakens.

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The European Union is the second largest of the world’s financial regions, and has a GDP of some $13 trillion, just a trillion – or around 7% less than the US. It works in exactly the same way as the US economy, and it’s not rocket science. When the European economy is strong, so is the euro, and when it is weaker so is the euro. In spite of the problems that the EU has had in recent years, including the situation in Greece, the euro is of special interest to traders because of its’ potential volatility.


This has for many years been accepted as having a special place in the currency markets. It is the traditional safe haven in times of trouble, and is the currency used more than any other for international transactions. When there are times of political or global financial troubles, the first place that most investors look is the US dollar. In fact, the US dollar is traded more than any other currency in the world.

The US is the world’s biggest economy – larger than the European Union or China - and has a GDP of $14 trillion. That is a lot of dollars.

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