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One of the most popular currency pairs for trading is the USD/JPY because of relative liquidity and also usually low spreads. When comparing the dollar to the yen, a factor to take into consideration is that the yen is very much dependent on exports. It is also dependent on the global financial market. This can make it hard to trade JPY pairs in a volatile market. However, the USD/JPY pair has become a popular for carry trading.

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This has for many years been accepted as having a special place in the currency markets. It is the traditional safe haven in times of trouble, and is the currency used more than any other for international transactions. When there are times of political or global financial troubles, the first place that most investors look is the US dollar. In fact, the US dollar is traded more than any other currency in the world.

The US is the world’s biggest economy – larger than the European Union or China - and has a GDP of $14 trillion. That is a lot of dollars.


The Japanese yen is currently the fourth most popular currency to trade. If you understand market trends, the USD/JPY pair can provide opportunities for some excellent profits, if you know how to leverage each currency. Reviewing the currency chart of the pair can provide useful data.

As the fourth most popular currency in the world, the yen is often used in carry trading. Carry trading is a strategy where the trader sells a currency that has a low interest rate and uses the proceeds to buy another currency that has a higher interest rate. The difference between the two rates means that profits can often be extremely good.

In recent times, the Bank of Japan has increased purchase of the yen with the object of switching the county from deflation to inflation. It has doubled the money supply, which devalues the yen and increases exports, while increasing the price of imports – especially commodities. This makes an impact on the USD/JPY price.

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