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More and more people are choosing to trade with a cfd broker. This is largely because when you trade cfd’s everything is very firmly under your own control. You simply tell the broker in what you want to invest, how much, when you want to take a position, and when you want to come out. The broker simply undertakes the work for you.

You can use cfd’s in a huge range of markets, and you can also use them to offset any losses on, for instance, shares that are in your portfolio. So you may have $5,000 worth of shares in XYZ company and you consider that they may be going down in value. You can offset any potential losses by short-selling the equivalent of $5,000 in a cfd trade. If the shares do, indeed, fall, your loss will be offset by the gain on your cfd trade. Many investors today are hedging their portolios using cfd’s for exactly this purpose.

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