Learn Forex Trading With FXHQ Trading Academy

If you are a beginner, getting a Forex education is vital for success. As with learning anything new, you need guidance from someone who has been there and done it.

This is why we have come up with the FXHQ Trading Academy. There are a ton of lessons, heavy on content, and no doubt with the odd light-hearted comment or two to keep you entertained as you learn.

FXHQ Trading Academy is here for one purpose and one only: to help you gain the skills and achieve the knowledge that will assist you to become successful at trading Forex.

If you’d like to jump in the deep end and start on your first lesson straight away, simply click on the button below. However, if you’d like to know a bit more about FXHQ Trading Academy, just read on…..

We define a successful Forex trader as someone who has the ability to do three seemingly simple things: make pips, keep pips, rinse and repeat. Easy, yes?

Certainly, if you can do these three things, and keep doing them, then you will get into the super league. But, easy – no! This is not for the faint-hearted.

Let’s go back to the time when you were a tiny tot attending Academy. Remember that? No? Probably not, so let us take you by the hand and walk you down memory lane.

You start off in pre-Academy, where you attend on your first morning with your lunch box and chocolate milk. It’s all very strange and new, and you may even wonder what you are doing there, but this is where you will learn all the basics in Kindergarten and begin to understand how to analyse the currency markets.

Once you have learned that, and assuming you pass, you then go on to elementary Academy, where you will learn all about technical analysis.

Technical what?

Technical analysis. Don’t fret. This is only Course 1, and there’s a way to go yet, but we’ll treat you gently until you begin to understand it. When you pass Course 1 (you WILL pass, won’t you?) you’ll go on to Course 2, then Course 3, etcetera, all the way to the end of Summer Academy.

Don’t WORRY. Summer Academy is where you learn all about Forex trading, rather than Latin or math. Summer Academy is there to ensure that you are ready for high Academy in the autumn.

By the way, you have to get your own date for the prom. That is not what we’re about. You go find your own date, and we’ll just stick to teaching you Forex.

That aside, when you get to Course 12, try not to imagine how important you are. Because you’re not – yet! Our high Academy goes up to Course 14, so you’ve a bit more to do yet, before you can show off your new-found knowledge.

If you do well at high Academy, and pass all your Courses, we’ll give you a fully paid scholarship to our college. All you do is pay for your food and beer, while we supply the rest of your education. That’s it. No need to make any applications. We love to award scholarships in the same way we like to give a furry little mouse to our tame python, Pippy, for him to play with.

At FXHQ Trading Academy, we’ll teach you everything we know about trading Forex. You will understand how to identify trading opportunities, when you should take your profits and run, or when to close a trade. You’ll even know when NOT to enter a trade.

However, you haven’t finished yet. When you think that you know all of the tricks of the trade, we’ll get you into the sophomore part of the Academy, where you will learn from an ancient and wizened magician all about the psychology of Forex trading.

Finally, the day will come when you graduate. You are now a Master of Forex Trading. You now know everything there is to know about Forex. Tada!

You wish!

Don’t worry. One of our master traders will remind you that you actually do NOT know everything. Nobody does. You can still get bitten in the backside when you are not looking, unless you are careful.

Yes, you will have the occasional losing trade. Even Warren Buffet does. But the accent is on the word “occasional”.
No, Forex trading is not a walk in the park. But with serious study and many hours put in, you can become successful.